Why I’m Going to Need a Degree in Graphics Design

I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I’d explored Accounting, Civil Engineering and Drama. I checked out Baltimore County Md. Economic Development – Baltimore county colleges and universities, if only because I have family there and could save a few bucks bunking with them instead of a dorm.

I kept coming back to graphic design. I had a knack for detail and layout. Plus, the YouTube tutorials and Internet articles gave me a pretty good idea of the basics and what the industry was looking for. I started wondering if I even needed a degree. I culled a bunch of books about Florida graphic design schools and their curricula and couldn’t imagine not being able to pick up on training without going to school.

I adjusted my thinking after a phone call with one of the graphic design schools in Michigan. A career counselor gave me the most convincing argument as to why, if I expected to stand out in the competitive field of graphic design, talent wouldn’t be enough. A degree was going to be my greatest advantage.

She explained how if I didn’t already have an extensive and successful background in the field, not having a degree would only hurt my opportunities. When employers see that formal education on your resume, it lets them know you are not only invested in personal development, you can accomplish goals. The degree shows self-worth and commitment.

She said that too many people believe knowing a graphic design software makes them graphic designers. Being proficient in Photoshop does not mean you understand the principles of graphic design theory. Technical skill is not a substitute for having a thorough comprehensive of the industry, its history, as well as the basics of marketing and advertising.

Most importantly, a degree from one of the California graphic design schools will have a significant impact on compensation. A candidate with a degree can earn more than one without a degree, regardless of who has the talent or experience. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if being a graphic designer is my dream job. I still have to pay the rent, buy groceries and do all that other stuff that keeps a roof over my head.

I ended that conversation realizing attending New York or Texas graphics design schools will provide invaluable knowledge that cannot be acquired online or by using Illustrator. From developing technical skill to getting feedback to showing employers I’m ready to go, graphic design school is my best bet to succeed.

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Adding on a Teaching Endorsement

When I first got my teaching degree, I majored in English and minored in history. Guess what they don’t tell you about that? English teachers are a dime a dozen, especially in my hometown, where there are half a dozen colleges within about an hour’s drive that are churning out teachers every year. In my southern town, it’s also common for history teachers to be coaches. They’re basketball coaches, football coaches, even track coaches, but they’re all coaches. I did my time in the local schools. I was a substitute teacher for a couple of years, worked as a teacher’s assistant for a semester, and then took a job as an interim teacher for a teacher who had gone on maternity leave. That covered about a year, and then I was left with nothing to do but go back to substitute teaching. When I say it’s a step down, I mean it! That’s when I started considering going back to school. By adding on an additional endorsement–something that requires several academic credit hours and a state test–I can improve my odds of employment substantially. Not only does it make it possible for me to simultaneously fill holes in several different subjects at a single school, making me more marketable than ever before, it lets me branch out and consider opportunities for subjects that have previously been closed to me. In addition, it’s been a few years since I had any kind of academic challenge. I’m going back to school to obtain enough hours for a license in biology. I can’t wait to see what doors will open up and what opportunities will come my way once I start applying for jobs again. Science teachers, after all, don’t have to be coaches.


Boosting Income with a Degree

I always have wanted to get a degree, and I believed that a lot would change for me once I obtained this degree. I just felt like this would be the thing that could boost my income and bring me more success in the workforce. That is why I continue to work on this degree. It may be one of the best things that I can do to increase my income and provide more money for my family.

The main reason that I decided to consider a degree is because it would boost my income and give me the chance to pursue other jobs. There are so many positions that I have seen online that require certifications and degrees. I did not realize it, but I was locking myself out of a ton of different positions just because I didn’t have a degree. I realized this after I kept acquiring positions that barely provided me with enough to feed my family. During a discussion with friends that had degrees I realized that they were able to move up and build successful careers because they got a higher education. I thought that work experience would not be enough, but I slowly realized that I truly needed a degree to make it to a higher level.

I have really enjoyed the program. The degree that I am obtaining in human resources is putting me in a position to become someone that can hold an executive position. I really like the fact that I have been able to learn more about a field that I am so interested in. This certainly is a change from what I am used to because I have not set in a classroom since high school. I am a little older than the other students, but I just fine. I have been able to grasp the material, and I really feel like this will prepare me for a new career.

The thing that I love about the classes is that my degree will only take a couple of years. I been taking classes that are called mini terms. This is only 8 weeks. I also go to class during the summer months so it will not take that long. This is certainly a better plan than what I was doing before. In the past I was just moving from one location to another. I would work a job and top out in terms of salary, but I would have no where else to go. I like the thought of getting a degree and having a position where the sky is the limit in terms of salary.

When my earning power increases I will be able to do a lot more for my family. I have even encouraged my own children to pursue college degrees. In the past they were somewhat undecided about going to college, but now they are certain that they will go. They have become inspired by me, and they want to follow to my footsteps.


Get An Education Now

When I dropped out of school due to personal issues at home I never realized that I was doing more harm than good. I thought if I dropped out that getting a minimum wage job to help with my personal issues that I could go back to school easier. However, this was not an easy task and I never knew how hard it would be to make money without a high school diploma.

I got a job but I was completely miserable. I didn’t realize that I was making a huge mistake but I found out the hard way. I ended up getting my high school equivalent and then shortly after I decided to go to college. I went and my personal issues still were getting in the way so I ended up dropping out of college, too. I eventually got tired of working a series of dead end jobs. That is what made me realize the value of a good education. I decided that enough was enough and that regardless of my problems that I had to get a good education if I was going to break this vicious cycle. I decided that getting an education was the best thing I could do and that although it might be stressful that it was necessary. I decided to put my fears aside and do whatever it takes to get an education. I wish that I would have went to college earlier but I definitely learned a lot while I was in college.


Get The Career You Desire

I knew that getting the career I desired depended on me. Nothing else could stand in the way of me furthering my education because I knew the benefits of getting a good education. I saw firsthand that people that good education got the careers that they desired. I also noticed that people who furthered their education were more successful compared to others who only got a high school diploma or less. Education would allow me to have a better chance at success financially and in return this will help with financial obligations. Getting an education would be that I would overall have a happier life. Education will allow me to live a longer and a happier and balanced life.

I know that life has enough problems on its own and that I should get an education to help increase my odds for success. I know that education is important and that I need to stay updated with current information. I wanted to be a role model to my younger siblings. I wanted them to know that no matter what struggles they endured that problems can be solved. I wanted my siblings to know that they can do whatever they set their minds too. I thought that I should lead by example so they would know that anything is possible. I wanted them to know that if they want respect that they must earn it. I also know that with todays times that the only way to have a career is to have a good education to back it up.